Sobriety Marketing Done Right for Addiction and Mental Health Professionals

Bazztiki Digital is a Sobriety niche-specific digital marketing agency that focuses on and delivers results and clients through our ethical proven Social Media Marketing, Consulting, Lead Generation, and Digital Asset Development.

Specializing in Sobriety Through Marketing

Your Addiction Professional and Mental Health Professional Social Media Marketing, Lead Generation, and Digital Asset Development Agency in the United States and Canada.

At Bazztiki Digital, we specialize in 3 Core Services:


Lead Generation & Search Engine Optimization

We work with your organization to generate great high-performing targeted content that targets your ideal clientele, which will drive leads to your website. These are fresh leads (not from bought lists) that are ready to hear from you.

By enhancing your ability to be found in searches and SEO-friendly articles, we can drive targeted traffic to your CRM and inbox.


Targeted Social Media Marketing (Video/Posts)

Through videos and posts, we take your existing content (or create it for you) and maximize your exposure to ideal prospects and current clients, in your addiction or mental health professional business, from Facebook to YouTube to TikTok to Instagram and Linkedin, we have a solution for you. With our Content Creation (30/60/90 Day) Plans, we will develop content that embodies your brand personality, along with your way of doing things.


Paid Ads & Funnels That Deliver Results

We love paid ads, as they can be the fastest way to connect with our audience. Through our Proven systems of funnels, segmenting and more, we can deliver targeted leads to grow practice or business, as well as grow your social media following.

Whatever the specific subniche in the sobriety and addiction niche, we have the team and resources to get you the results you are looking for. 


Marketing Done Right for Addiction and Mental Health Professionals

Over the past 7 years, we have worked exclusively in the addiction and mental health niche, with some of the top rehabs and clinics in the US and Canada, by targeting and ethically marketing to their ideal clientele. We have been in business for over 20 years delivering targeted results in many industries, however found our “WHY” in the addiction and mental health niche. 

We have a strong talented team and we focus on results for our clients.

A lot of our business is from word of mouth. We are proud of that. With most of the locations we work with, we become part of the Marketing department, as a Marketing Arm for their organization. This is a great solution as this helps your organization grow its clientele, allowing your internal team to focus on the big picture, while our team implements the strategies and actions into motion. No need to hire another marketing team member. We can cover that spot.

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What We Do Best

Fresh Lead Generation and Content Creation
We generate fresh daily web leads with various systems and content systems we have in place.  We can deliver the targeted high quality you need, along with allowing your business to show up organically in search results. 

Strong Engagement Activities
We are always split testing landing pages and interactive messengers systems, sometimes we are called geeks, but we love it. We will keep improving our methods and pages during the campaigns we run for you, while you can concentrate on what you do best.

Sales Funnels That Work
We take care of the heavy lifting and build your branded advertising funnels for you, saving you on unnecessary costs, when you work with us.


Secure  & Sustainable
Everything we run is 100% GDPR verified (when needed) with cyber security that makes IT guys happy. Keeping both your customers data and yours secure is top importance for us.

Grow Your Business & Help People Find Themselves Again through Sobriety
Our end goal is to help thousands of people become sober through people like yourself, who we work with. Our “Sobriety Through Marketing” Action Plan helps us achieve that and in the end, this helps communities become stronger and closer.

“Anywhere” Reach
Even though we work with businesses mostly around North America (US/Canada), we can help globally. If you need top quality daily leads, contact us.

What People Say About Us

Pick any one of the giants (Amazon, Google, Facebook) or for that matter anything with outstanding engineering (Rolls-Royce, Ferrari, Tesla) — in every instance, under-the-hood you’ll find harmonious attention-to-detail that drives that greatness forward. Winston & his team have this at their driving core. With digital marketing more expansive and fragmented than ever before, it’s imperative to surround yourself with talent able to apply the wisdom of experience in new, emerging ways. Look to Winston for reliable, agile, focused results. It’s a privilege to work with him.
Caleb Pedosiuk

If you want someone who is passionate about his work, who cares about helping others and will do whatever it takes to make things happen, then talk to Winston. I’ve worked with him for many years – he takes great pride in his work, works hard, and is an innovator – always thinking of new ways to be ahead of the game, for both himself and his clients.
Diane Côté Mihalek

Winston has a wealth of knowledge that is rare. I would work with him and his business in a heartbeat, and I highly recommend him.
Anton Volney

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Bazztiki Digital is a full-service Addiction Professional content & direct response digital agency in beautiful Albuquerque, New Mexico, Tampa, Florida, and Toronto, Canada. We specialize in lead generation by creating social media marketing content, shorts and reels, long form content, and email marketing. Our clients are located all across Canada, the United States, Mexico and the UK. We love what we do, and always work for the Win-win strategy.

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