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“Sobriety Marketing:
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(How Your Marketing Can Be a Lifechanger for Those Addicted or In Need.)

Roberto Saenz here.

We are so excited to be launching our Marketing book about how we use tried-and-true marketing and social media in our Addiction and Mental Health niche to reach the right people. We are also sharing our top 9 strategies that we use daily that you need to do consistently, as well as  how to help those in need through various mediums to scale your business – plus so much more!

This book will be a vital marketing handbook to reference in your business and profession.  Sobriety Marketing will be sold on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other stores. Get a copy of the book sent to you (Print Version) when it launches in a few weeks!

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Roberto Saenz - Director of Social Media

Roberto Saenz
Director of Social Media, Bazztiki Inc.

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